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Marc and Àlex Márquez, the dream tandem in MotoGP is waiting

"I know where I am, and I know that I am a ‘rookie’ (newcomer) and I do not look at anyone but at the same time I look at everyone, because I am the first one that I would like to be closer to, but I am a calm pilot, who I like to give firm steps", affirmed Àlex Márquez.

Bradl replaces Márquez in Brno

Márquez will not be in Brno and the World Cup is complicated

"We have two races with evolution and that is good, that there is progress, every day I feel better with the bike and we know the two aspects that need to be improved now, the classification and not wasting so much time in the first laps", confirms the Repsol Honda rider.

This Sunday, at the Teruel GP, the desire could with Álex Márquez. The Repsol Honda Team rookie was looking for what would have been his third podium and fighting for that goal, after another great comeback from tenth on the grid, he fell to the ground.


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Marc Márquez Alex Marquez

The one from Cervera became involved in a battle with Johann Zarco, who delayed his climb in search of the leading group. It happened and the error arrived: "I wanted to pull so that he wouldn’t overtake me again because the Ducati had a very good engine and ran a lot on the straight. That’s when I made the mistake. Not so much for him if not for wanting to fuck Mir again", explained the ’73’

A ‘rookie bug’ as he defined it. "Head high and learn from mistakes. The desire has played a trick on me"Àlex lamented on his social networks, thanking his team for their work.

Head high and learn from mistakes. The desire has played a trick on me. Thanks to the team for the work, and to you for supporting me! &# 128170;&# 127996; Head up and learning from mistakes. Thanks team for all your work, and all of you who are always supporting me! #AlcanizGP

– Alex Márquez (@ alexmarquez73) October 25, 2020

And like last week with his second podium, his brother, Marc Márquez encouraged him with a message through his social networks. "Pity!! So are the careers and the learning phases! You learn from mistakes, the most important thing is to stick your head out of the front positions and enjoy yourself on the bike! Great weekend @ alexmarquez73 # AlcañizGP ”, wrote the world champion from his home in Cervera, where he continues his recovery from his right arm injury, which Honda recognizes is being "slower than expected".

Pity!! So are the careers and the learning phases! You learn from mistakes, the most important thing is to stick your head out of the front positions and enjoy yourself on the bike! Great weekend @ alexmarquez73 &# 128079;&# 127996; # AlcañizGP

– Marc Márquez (@ marcmarquez93) October 25, 2020

Marc Márquez will not be at the Teruel GP either

Marc Márquez’s funny reaction after his brother’s performance at the Aragón GP


The Márquez brothers, Marc and Alex, are already preparing to compete this Sunday with Repsol Honda in a new virtual Grand Prix, this time that of Spain at the Jerez-Ángel Nieto circuit, where the current MotoGP champion hopes to perform better taking advantage of the his motorcycle "is good" in the ‘MotoGP20’, while his partner sees the Cadiz as "a fun track to play".

May 1, 2020 at 1:33 pm CEST


Marc Márquez Coronavirus Alex Marquez

"Jerez is a circuit that I know very well, but I had to study it again in the game to try to find some advantages. The Honda in the ‘MotoGP 2020’ game is good and after working the setup a bit I think I can place it where I want"said Marc Márquez in statements provided this Friday by his team.


The current world champion of the category believes that, "as in the last two races, staying away from different groups will be important". "We already saw a lot of drivers in Austria really on the edge, but it was a lot of fun, I had a great time at the two Virtual Grand Prix and it seems that the fans also enjoyed a lot", he indicated.

For his part, his brother Alex, winner of the first Grand Prix and third in the second, acknowledged that he will have "another new challenge with the new MotoGP 2020 game". "As soon as it was launched I started training and the truth is that it was a special feeling to see myself on the driver selection screen next to a Honda RC213V"he confessed.


"Brand new game is like brand new motorcycle, you know the basics, but you need to train and experiment a bit to find out what those latest improvements are, the ones that really make the difference"added the current Moto2 world champion.

Marc and Àlex Márquez, the dream tandem in MotoGP is waiting

Carmelo Ezpeleta: "The idea is to start at the end of July"

The youngest of the Catalan brothers described the one from Jerez as "a fun track to play with as you can use a few different lines in some sectors". "I am eager to start the race; I just hope everyone is a little calmer than they were at the Austrian GP and once again we will try to put on a good show for people to enjoy this Sunday", he sentenced.

The brothers Marc and Àlex Márquez underwent a fun game proposed by the Repsol Honda team, before the youngest traveled to Valencia to take part in this weekend’s race, while the older continued his slow recovery process from the race. injury that occurred in July, in the opening race of Jerez.


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Marc Márquez Alex Marquez

With different objects, some of them related to the two Repsol Honda team riders, the surprise box game served both riders to have a good time and review some anecdotes from the past. Both Marc and Álex also showed their skills in this game and barely made mistakes, as can be seen in the video that the team has now released.

The pilots, impressed with Àlex Márquez

This is how Marc Márquez comforts his brother Àlex

Repsol promises that it will soon offer more fun duels between the two Márquez brothers, always ready to challenge each other and compete to see who laughs the most. Of course, what fans would like the most is to see them facing each other on the track and for that it seems that we will still have to wait. Patience because Marc’s injury has not allowed him to return to the track throughout the season.

Marc Márquez, MotoGP world champion, and Àlex Márquez, Moto2 world champion, are two of the twenty-two world champions who will participate in the Solidarity Riders Auction organized by the Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation (RFME), which begins next Friday, June 5 at 12:00 and will last ten days.

06/01/2020 at 14:07 CEST



Marc Márquez Alex Marquez

22 world champions and a total of 36 pilots involved participate in this RFME initiative and its objective is to raise funds to alleviate the damage caused by COVID-19 and all the benefits will go to the humanitarian association Red Cross RESPONDE.

Starting on Friday, it will be possible to bid on the more than 50 objects that will be available and among which are a Marc Márquez jumpsuit, Álex Márquez, Dani Pedrosa, Ana Carrasco’s boots or Carlos Checa, Álex Rins, Álvaro’s helmets Bautista, Iván Cervantes or Javier Gª Vico.

These are just some of the items you can bid on, although there will also be surprises like the 1969 Bultaco Sherpa T donated by the president of the RFME, Manuel Casado.

The auction can be accessed through the website and will be guaranteed by the renowned Catawiki platform, which will provide all the guarantees and technology.

Marc and Àlex Márquez continue to show solidarity with those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and for this reason, they will start the 2020 World Cup at the Spanish Grand Prix, in Jerez wearing a special helmet that will serve to raise promo code for 1xbet funds together with Allianz Seguros.


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Marc Márquez Alex Marquez

The design of this helmet is a tribute to the entire society that has suffered and continues to suffer from this pandemic, both to the professionals of the different basic sectors who have worked tirelessly to keep the essential services active, as well as to all the people who have been confined at home and now little by little they are returning to normality.

“Pushing Ahead Together” is the motto that will be worn on the helmet to send a message of solidarity, gratitude and hope, thanking society for how it has adapted to the circumstances so that we can all overcome this situation. The helmet will be worn on a very special day as it will be the first time that they will compete together officially in the MotoGP category.

Marc and Àlex Márquez, at the RFME Solidarity Auction

Both drivers will donate to auction the helmets, gloves and special boots. The auction will start on Friday, July 17 at 12 noon and will end on Monday, July 27 at 8:00 p.m., through the Catawiki online platform.

There will be no better way to debut in MotoGP than wearing this special helmet! &# 128512; There will be no better way to debut in MotoGP than wearing this special helmet! #PushingAheadTogether # AM73 #SpanishGP @Allianz_es @CruzRojaEsp

– Alex Márquez (@ alexmarquez73) July 9, 2020

Allianz Seguros, personal sponsor of Marc and Àlex Márquez, will join the initiative promoted by the brothers, promoting the project and helping the fight against Covid-19, donating the equivalent of 250 equipment for health personnel. This action is in addition to the different initiatives that the company has taken to deal with the coronavirus, such as the sponsorship of OxyGEN emergency respirators.